The only sounds are the gentle rustling of the leaves above my head, sporadically interrupted by the faint laughs of children who are playing soccer on the field right near where I am laying.  The world is calm and peaceful.  I am in a state of total relaxation and my beating heart is radiating joy and appreciation from the deepest part of my being.  I smile as the sun peaks between the leaves, like a child playing hide-and-seek, warming my face with its radiating, white light.

I am not in Puerto Viejo nor Manuel Antonio anymore.  Instead, I am lying in the grass in La Sabana Park; One of the few places in the big city of San Jose where I can come to reconnect with the healing power of nature – The reminder that, even when I am alone, I am never alone.  I am always cared for, loved and protected by a force that is greater than me, yet also exists within me.

A tear emerges from the corner of my eyes as I recall the amazing adventures I experienced over the past few days.  And now, thanks to my many months of practice, I was able to be fully present to all of the magic that the experience had to offer me.  Everything else (where I will live when my training period is over, the guy who stole money from me a couple of weeks ago, the stress of missing my cousin’s wedding) was put completely out of my mind and I simply engulfed myself in the infinite richness of every precious moment.

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