Most nights I fix myself a drink, open the window in my bedroom and smoke a single cigarette while observing the night.

It’s funny.  I notice something new every single time.

Like the building in the distance that boasts the decoration of a menorah and a Christmas tree made of sparkling lights – a reminder of the festive season.  Or the feeling of the temperature; how there is a slight chill in the air that wasn’t quite the same as it was the night before.  Or the rhythm of the wind.  Fast and then slow.  Rhythmic and then not so much.  The far off bark of a dog or the music of a car alarm.  Or how the city lights in the distance slowly fade into blackness, hinting at the grand mountains that lie beyond them, unobservable to the human eye through the darkness of night.

Tonight, I  see Orion’s Belt.  Three glorious stars, seemingly equidistant from each other, millions upon millions of miles away.

I love this part of my day.  It is a reminder that there is so much to study from just a single vantage point.  It reminds me that I can never be bored even if all I ever have is the view outside of my window because there is always something new and glorious to discover.

The joy of life is so often found not in the actions, but in the space between the actions; in the quiet peace that exists in every moment and is always there to protect us.

For this, I am grateful.

…Join me, won’t you?