Since moving back to the United States, I have gotten  a few confused messages from people – both friends and blog fans.  Some people cannot seem to fathom why someone like me would choose to go from adventurous world traveler to a quiet, somewhat introverted and “boring” American life.  One reader accused me of being fake in my previous posts when I evoked a zest and excitement for life as I traveled around from one country to the next.  Another said that it seems I have “given up” and “not learned anything.”

Those reactions have made me realize how much we, as humans, are desperate to put others in a categorical box.   Is she a world traveler or a homebody?  Is he an entrepreneur or a corporate employee?  Is she a mother or a feminist?

It is so tempting to want to view the world in black and white that we forget to open our eyes and see the others for who they really are:  all shades of grey…or caramel.  Life, after all, is transient, ever-changing and mostly unreliable.  How frustrating is that??

I realize that I have lived the life that may people dream about:  I own very few material possessions, I am financially stable and I can pick up and go anytime I please.   However, as proven time and time again, the growth and the depth of human experience is not found in the easy, but it is found in the challenges.  For me, landing in a foreign country and having to figure out how to survive is easy.  Staying still and putting time and effort into something is the challenge.  For that reason, I am finding such fulfillment in discovering things that are worth my commitment.  In fact, yoga and my coaching clients are pretty much the only two that I would consider to be truly solid at this point…but you had better believe I am on the search for more!

I have no doubt that travel and living as a  nomad will be a part of my life again someday…but not today.  That would be too easy.

So, let us continue to strive to find learning and growth in areas that mean something to each of us.  Let us allow those areas to ebb and flow like the trees in the wind, like the waves in the ocean.  Let us remember that even though it may not always look exciting from the outside, the spark that it creates within us is the only sign we need that we are on the right path.