One month out from returning to Costa Rica for yoga teacher training and then…who knows??

While I would like to report that I have been keeping my cool and staying present while mindfully preparing for my departure, I would be lying through my teeth.  The truth is that I have been feeling every emotion possible and subsequently doing my best to honor these feelings while not letting them overtake me – the ultimate balancing act.

That said, I feel like my higher power has gifted me with a new creative endeavor of video blogging.  I have been so entranced in this process that it has kept me focused like I have never been before.   I have already spent hours upon hours learning about editing programs and applying filters and adjusting sound…these are hours that I have NOT spent fretting about money or the future or my ‘life purpose’ (whatever the fuck that even means.  I truly hate that combination of words more than any other these days).

It’s true that I have no idea what the future will hold, but for today…I am having a damn good time.