Thank you my wonderful ‘Life is Caramel’ subscribers for your dedication and support in my ongoing journey these past five years.

I am grateful to say that my life has taken on a new level of momentum that has allowed me to move beyond the initial reasons I created Life Is Caramel. It was meant to be a way for me to communicate to myself via the written word about my experiences, struggles and thought processes as I (sometimes with great resistance) evolved into a new version of myself.

Today I am no longer identifying with the person that I felt like my society wanted me to be: A cog in the corporate wheel; a follower; confused and scared. Instead, and thanks in major part to the help of this blog as a stepping stone, I am flying high in a warm breeze of abundance, humility, gratitude and faith.

I am not yet ready to completely shut down Life Is Caramel, but I have been writing less and less on this platform. I have evolved to write about my stories in a way that better speaks to others whom I am interested in supporting; those who are struggling and frustrated like I was and KNOW that there is something else out there but might be too overwhelmed or scared to step into it.

If you are interested in keeping up with my journey in this context, I have a weekly newsletter to which you can subscribe below.

Thank you again for your reading of this blog. Your energy has helped me come to a place where I can support others; absolutely the most satisfying thing a human can experience.

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